About Deb

DSCN3506 copyI love giving kids the concepts and skills they need to “take charge,” make their best decisions, and most importantly, act on them. I also trust kids’ hearts:  they all are kind, caring and positive when they make choices that come from their hearts.

What does it mean to truly empower kids?  I believe this lies in teaching them the process and structure that help them realize the power they have to do the right thing.  It is also about each child listening to his/her heart and being his/her true self – feeling confident in who they are and knowing the strengths each has to contribute in a positive way.

With close to 40 years of experience in education and school counseling, I have had wonderful opportunities to work, play, learn and grow with young people at all age levels.  They have challenged me, in fact, that is how Me Power came to be – I struggled with teaching them about the power dynamics of popularity, peer pressure, friendships, and later on, bullying.  Then, as I taught them Me Power, I continued to learn from their “pearls of wisdom” shared during MP discussions.

I look forward to sharing these successful and empowering tools with you!