Adults’ Testimonials

“As a teacher, Me Power has been a tool that I have used daily to support and teach my children.  Me Power has been a common language that has emPowered  children to be positive and supportive of themselves and their peers.  Me Power is a positive way for children to be Assertive, true to their Beliefs, and have the Courage to stand up for what is right and true.  We use the Me Power language with our Morning Meeting, Class Meetings, Guidance classes, and with problem solving issues in the classroom and school.”

“Me Power helps children deal with challenging situations and be their true selves in that it gives children a common language that is meaningful.  The A, B, C’s is an easy acronym for children to remember and they truly believe that they have Me Power, the Assertion, Beliefs and Courage that are theirs.”

Denette Locke, 1-2 Classroom Teacher

“Me Power is all about making positive choices and believing in yourself!  Deb, your lessons about the ABC’s (assertiveness, beliefs, courage) of Me Power were inspiring and powerful for the students in my class.  The kids helped create motions for each part (ABC) and love singing the song to go along with Me Power.  As a teacher, I referred back to using Me Power during times when kids were struggling with choices or having problems with other students.  We say ‘Use your Me Power in positive ways!’  I’ve seen kids be assertive, use their beliefs and defend them – and also find courage to deal with challenging situations.  (It’s) great to watch in action!”

“Me Power has helped my students solve problems.  It’s amazing to see 6, 7, and 8 year olds speak up for what they believe is the right thing to do.  After my students made their “Me Power” stones, many held them in their hand to help them concentrate or deal with big feelings.  Others just used them to look at to give them the same feedback as holding them.  It served as a reminder…..’I have a choice’.

Cathy O’Brien, Classroom Teacher

 “As I watched Ms. Chisholm teaching 1st and 2nd graders about Me Power, I thought ‘these are the skills that I have been trying to teach my daughter but hadn’t been able to successfully give her strategies that I knew she could remember’.  I feel that now I have a “system” that we can work on together. “

Christina Maynard, Teacher and Parent


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Kids’ Testimonials

“Me Power helps me to stand up for myself and others, know that I did the right thing, stand up to bullies, keep my heart strong, makes me feel good, and I know I am helping others.”  (Jessi)

“My Me Power helps me stay in control.”  (Allie)

“Me Power is a thing inside of you that helps you have courage when you stand up to a bully.”  (Morgan)

“It helps me think ‘what do I do?’ before I say nothing and be a bystander.”  (Katie)

“I really like all of it (Me Power).  I think Me Power helps me because if I did not know I have my Me Power when I was bullied or someone else is I would be too afraid.”  (Sonia)

“Me Power helps me to overcome my fears (like standing up to a bully), to do the right thing, and be good inside me.”  (Emily)

“Me Power helps me to help people feel wonderful and to be a good friend.  Its helps me to stand up to bullies too.”  (Andrew)