Learning Opportunities for Parents and Children/Youth

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Deb is available to do presentations and run groups for all kinds of organizations:  schools, PTA’s, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA’s, Girl/Boy Scouts, etc.


Me Power: ThePower2Be develops and supports children’s understanding of the positive power all kids have.  We cover the power dynamics of teasing and bullying, along with providing participants with tools so they can hold onto their power by responding from their hearts, with conviction.  This program also provides a clear strategies for parents so they can process challenging friendship issues with their sons and daughters.

Me Power is also about helping your children recognize the wonderful person they each are with their own unique talents, skills, and personalities.  Me Power really does help them trust and be their true selves!

In this 5-week interactive workshop (1 1/2 hours each session), parents will discover:

  • What Me Power is (Assert, Beliefs, Courage)
  • Why it is a critical key for kids’ happiness and success
  • How to apply this powerful concept in conversations with kids
  • The 1-2-3 Me Power process their children will use in difficult situations with peers. It’s quick, simple, and powerful.
  • Parenting skills that strengthen Me Power discussions: listening, problem solving,and encouragement.


This workshop can be done at the same time as a Me Power: ThePower2Be group for kids.  The two groups meet once together during the five weeks for shared conversations and application!

Me Power helps kids use their heads and act from their hearts.

Contact Deb to create a Me Power program to inspire and empower you and your children!


These engaging and interactive groups are available and tailored to the ages of the kids participating.  Most are 6-8 weeks in length and meet for 1 or 1.5 hour sessions.  Together we use art, music, skits, and “real” plays for fun and meaningful learning which immediately is transferable to their lives at school and in the neighborhood.

Me Power: ThePower2Be   Be You.  Be Real.  Be Your True Self. 

All participants will learn and discover:

  • What Me Power is (Assert, Beliefs, Courage)
  • What it means for each of them to Be You, Be Real,  Be Your True Self
  • How to use the Me Power 1-2-3 to stand up for yourself and others


Contact Deb to create the program that will inspire and empower parents, and children!